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everthign that has a beginning... had some one working on it.

gohmen, comic is late I was supposed to have it up on Sunday but sat and sun I was busy. sat I spent with people handing out and wasting time and Sunday me and mouse went gaming just about all day. so I woke up today all ready to continue work on it when my damn power goes out, so I basically I spent all day in the dark. ill try and finish it up tomorrow cuz Wednesday ill half dead from matrix revolutions w00t! ill be sketching while were in line at 4am! ill put them sketches up on Thursday the comic on Monday instead of Sunday. so from now on all comics will be up on Mondays.... oh yeah and since only ONE person bought a poster I am now commanding you all to vote for sybic over at Buzzcomix by clicking
<--- there. you bunch of cheap/broke bastards! I mean that in the best possible way t00.
i have more crap to say but im cold and i cant feel my toes.
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C'mon y'all! BUY!!

i'm getting tired of having to care take of Jesus' ONLY post in existence!!

let there be others so i wont feel so bad if somthign happens to mine... :(
I'd buy a poster if I had money. :P Maybe I'll give one to my boyfriend (he's a fan too).

And that comic is silly. ^_^