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ok so i guess i have some explaining to do about not updating SYBiC?.
well the thing is i wont be updating, now do get mad at me, this is all mouses fault. see i asked him to do a guess comic and he agreed, this was 3 weeks ago and im still waiting. I wont update till i get the comic from him so go bitch at him for once.

Now as for the site, ive been sorta working on a new design and rant are cuz david want to put his "who i hate at this moment" rants. plus it would make it easyer for me to inform you people about whats happening with the comic. I am also working on some shirt designs, nothing all that good. I hope to maybe have it done in about a month, but i need to see how many people are actually willing to pay around 15 bucks for the crappy shirts. why $15 you ask, well at first a was planing on doing the shirts my self but then i realized that they would look like the inside of a porta potty at a construction site in the ghetto. so im looking at different shirt sites and i need to buy in bulk so that it'll be cheep. so let me know if your interested in a shirt.

lets see what else... i guess thats about it i guess, oh yeah when i finally do update with a comic(beside mouses) i will introduce a new character. what does this mean? it means that one of the current cast member will be killed of! which ever bitches at me first for not updating will die!

P.S. no one will actually get killed of... yet.
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