Mouse (koneko666) wrote in sybic,

This is Stimpy, signed in as Mouse 'cause... uh, why not?
I just wanted to let you all know I haven't forgotten about SYBiC, and I intend to update it immediately. Furthermore, I (as in me, Stimpy, the guy who posts the comic, who is also posting this entry, being of course the same person) will be updating the comic daily until the end of time (at which point updates will be biweekly).

If I should not follow through on these promises that I (Stimpy, SYBiC creator) am making, it seems only fair that all my friends should come to my house, beat me to death with a squeaky-hammer, drag my mangled corpse through the street, throw it in traffic and most importantly of all, give my sweet new monitor to Mouse. He deserves my monitor for being so supremely awesome.
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